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Fresh Strapi

An open source Fresh Example Project using Redis and Strapi.

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Configure it

You'll need a strapi install, and a redis server. You can install redis on your Strapi server. You can also use this project with local strapi and redis.

cp .env.example .env

Then open .env and add your secrets. You can use the same process to add secrets on Deno Deploy

Puppeteer Testing

This project also has code to help you test your site. Using fetch for the API routes, puppetteer for end to end testing, and GitHub actions for CI. That's right:

Puppeteer Testing integrated with Github Actions!


deno test -A

But you'll need to install chrome with this first:

PUPPETEER_PRODUCT=chrome deno run -A --unstable

(mac & linux, run deno test -A on windows and hopefully it will give you the right link)

Github Actions

Runs deno fmt and the Puppeteer tests on Github Actions using a Linux Host.


Things to do

Setup the tests so they launch the project, and test that version.

Fresh Usage

Start the project:

deno task start

This will watch the project directory and restart as necessary.

Things to do